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I am an artist, a self taught photographer specializing in infrared B&W photographyMy preferred photography subject is nature – landscape and landscape detail. Over the years I worked with B&W and colour negative film, transparency, and eventually with digital. Switching to digital in 2009 allowed me to start with infra-red B&W photography, something that fascinated me long before the arrival of digital medium. Over the past few years I have gradually moved away from colour wildlife and nature photography to infra-red B&W photography. Now I fully specialise in this technique although I still occasionally present my old work to people who are interested in wildlife photography. (If you are interested please e-mail me for password).

In my photography I am focusing on contrast and simplicity in the natural world. Often I return to the same places over and over again, study the light, its intensity, direction, shapes, shadows and patterns in order to make an image I had imagined. I like using long exposures to enhance the movement in the environment – to smooth the motion of water and clouds and blur the foliage in the wind but keep the rocks standing motionless. For me, the process of making pictures is what photography is all about. Being out there surrounded by the elements and experiencing them with all my senses. 

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